1.  At least one month before the intended date of defence, deliver to the TalTech library's publishing specialist:

  • your complete dissertation in MS Word file format .doc or .docx (pictures in JPEG or TIFF). Set page size to Envelope B5 (17,6 x 25 cm), top and bottom margins 2 cm, left and right margins 2,5 cm. You may submit your dissertation on USB stick or send it to mirjam.piik@taltech.ee;
  • publications as separate files (.pdf, .doc or .docx);
  • permission to defend the dissertation.

The written order to publish a dissertation should be presented to the press house by the of the head of the department.

2.  Author Agreement form: doc (fill in form); pdf (for printing)
Please fill in and sign digitally the author agreement form and send it to digi@lib.ttu.ee.
It is also acceptable if you sign the agreement manually and bring it in two copies to the library’s information desk or room LIB-221. You can also send it to the library via the university's internal postal service (Document Management Division U03-105) or by post to Akadeemia tee 1, 12618 Tallinn. One copy will be returned to you after the director of the library has signed it.

3.  At least one month before the defence date the dissertation has to be available in the Digital Collection of TalTech Library. The file of the dissertation will be delivered to the library by the press house. 
If the access to the dissertation should be restricted, only an abstract will be published in the digital collection.

Public announcement about the defence of the dissertation will be disseminated on TalTech webpage.
After defence the link to the full text of the dissertation will be added to the Estonian online catalogue ESTER.

More information:
Requirements for doctoral theses and procedure for publishing doctoral theses
Approved by Rector’s directive No 111 of 25 October 2017

Questions: digi@lib.ttu.ee or by phone 620 3689 Katri Mägi (LIB-221).